Sei Ki / HeartTouch Journey

My first contact with Sei Ki was in 2003, a short article in the Shiatsu Society's magazine.

Something touched me and woke up some questions I had on the role of the therapist and the nature of the therapeutic relationship.

What does it really mean to help or heal another human being?

I had been interested in Shiatsu for many years and had completed a foundation training with the European School of Shiatsu in 2002, but sadly had to stop my training.

I restarted therapy training in 2004, but chose instead holistic aromatherapy with a focus on emotional / mental health care.

I loved working with the oils but felt something was missing for me in terms of my energetic connection with my clients.

Sei Ki Japan Training 2008, Naigu Shrine

I had the chance to attend a Sei Ki workshop with a student of Kishi later that year, which I enjoyed and this led to me receiving a treatment from the founder, Akinobu Kishi who was in London at the time.

That first session with Kishi had a dramatic impact on me, seeming to open up a trauma state, despite him being very gentle.

I was left anxious and shaking and the host had to sit with me and listen to my blabbering until I was calmer.

I left feeling confused about whether I appreciated what had happened. That might have been the end of our relationship!

Sei Ki Japan Tour 2008, Naigu Shrine

A few months later, while in an all night extreme non-ordinary experience in Rishikesh, India, I came to some insights on the 'human condition'.

I found myself immensely grateful for Kishi's work and signed up immediately for the next two day workshop with him in Brighton, April 2005!

That initial workshop was also quite a test for me.

The work involves entering a spontaneous state, allowing the 'natural mind' to take over, Katsugen in Japanese. Katsugen is an important part of Sei Ki's personal development work or hara training.

I remember speaking to the group saying I was afraid what might come out if I really let go.

Sei Ki Japan Tour 2008, Omoto Shinto

This has to be one of the deepest fears for personalities focused around 'control', to step off the cliff edge and let yourself fall with no guarrantees given.

As it turned out, I successfully did my baby steps in letting go.

There was much spontaneous healing laughter, helped along by work with Kyoko (Akinobu Kishi's wife).

I attended another weekend workshop in 2006, again taking a private treatment, which once again opened up deep aspects of my unconscious.

I had just had yet another extreme 10 day non-ordinary state experience in India and the fierce being that had been part of it, showed itself during our private time together. I was appreciative how unshaken and warm Kishi was with me.

Sei Ki Japan Tour 2008, Drumming Workshop

To have space to be completely authentic in the moment, is something so rare and so precious in our society and yet I found it in these sessions and in the workshops. It inspires me now to offer this to others.

I chose to attend the residential 5 day workshop in Devon later that Summer, and again had a dramatic personal experience.

While receiving a treatment from a fellow participant, my body rose up off the futon, releasing a rage that was beyond anything the human 'Anthony' could conceive of expressing. 'Demonic' level on my scale!

I didn't feel judged by the group, instead receiving hugs and some expressions of gratitude which I could barely reply to as I had lost my voice instantly!

Sei Ki Japan Tour 2008, Naigu Mountain

At the same moment, I decided it was time to face the past, and reconnect with a French girlfriend who had been part of my original spiritual psychosis in China five years before. Within a week I was in Paris with her finally able to move on!

I attended the 5 day residential workshop again in 2007 in Dorset and feeling my place within the 'family' signed up for the 2008 Japan Seminar, where Kishi introduced his committed students to the archetypal influences within Japanese Shinto which had inspired his work.

2008 was a terrible year for me emotionally. I had had a very dark spiritual psychosis earlier in the year in Thailand, which had left me with a dark depression through much of the year, but as is often the case with me, it lifted during Sei Ki events and the Japan trip was just beautiful. I drunk deeply from the generosity that Kishi offered from Japan's traditions.

Seitai Hamburg workshop with Kayo Tatebe, 2008

There was still a feeling of needing more 'cleaning' though, and so I signed up with a Japanese Seitai teacher sharing a Katugen Undo weekend in Hamburg, Kayo Tatebe.

The weekend was great, but something within me was holding back, until near the end, while participating in a two person Katsugen Soho session, I visually experienced the 'fire demon' in front of me, before entering into a dramatic spontaneous session.

Mystical experiences are not unheard of with Katsugen Undo, but are not so common either, the experience being usually a body and emotional clearing. This was something particular to me, which needed healing somehow and the journey was just beginning.

I got on well with the teacher, an amazing old Japanese lady who had been a semi-daughter to Noguchi, a major influencer on Kishi's work and I was able to organise a workshop in Brighton for her in 2010. She was very generous with her time with me over Skype through 2009 and I was able to get a feel for her amazing teacher, Noguchi.

Sei Ki Workshop with Kishi, Israel 2010

In 2009, I attended the 2 day workshop in Brighton once more and could only answer to the group questions on why I was there, that it simply felt part of my Way, a journey of growth for myself and for those I share it with.

I attended the Israel workshop in May 2010 at Neve Shalom, the Garden of Peace, where Palestinians and Israelis work side by side to bridge the chasm between their communities. It was an amazingly beautiful experience to share with the people there and one that I may write more about, as it went very deep.

I tried to organise a 5 day residential for Kishi in England in 2012 but sadly he became very ill in the months beforehand and we had to cancel it.

Sei Ki Training given by me in Thailand, 2019

The journey of working with him and his wife Kyoko to prepare for the workshop was very special for me though and has helped me become clear about my own Way of Harmony, my Sei Ki.

My own expression of Sei Ki is evolving now, a fusion of Tai Chi foundations & natural Spiral Qi Gong as a Way towards Tao, and the ability to enter into resonance and truly meet with another person as taught by Akinobu Kishi.

I started sharing Sei Ki based classes and workshops in Jan 2013 and since then have run them on a regular basis. I love it!

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