Testimonials for Anthony

Zen Mindfulness Course

Thank you very much, it took me a long way in dealing with my 'anxiety'.

You and your sessions played a big role in this by bringing me closer to the concept of mindfulness and teaching me some exercices I can easily integrate in my daily life. Thank you very much for this.

I never told you how grateful I am that I had the chance to meet you, but I've been thinking it for a while!

Marc, Luxembourg

Mindfulness for Anxiety & Burnout

Your workshop was very useful because it gave me a lot of tools to help me relax in a more profound way, acknowledge my feelings and come back to my body.

I also loved the compassionate touch practices.

I found them very rewarding, a great way to connect with other people and to honour our basic humanity.

Monica, Luxembourg

Online Embodied Mindfulness & Qi Gong

Anthony's Tai chi, qigong and hara conditioning workshops provide a safe and welcoming space where, at their own pace, participants are able to explore and to work with the embodied felt sensations and constrictions that arise in the midst of difficult experiences of mental and emotional distress.

As I was working with my own experiences of childhood trauma - and the ensuing spiritual crisis and liminal states - Anthony's workshops became a sanctuary in which I was able to soften and to show myself kindness, to ground difficult energies, and to bring my nervous system back into a state of tranquility and calm.

James, UK