Qi Gong Video Library Page 1

Walking into Mindfulness

We will learn a simple walking Qi Gong practice which functions both as an entry point into Mindfulness and a basic training for learning to 'sink' the energy in Tai Chi.

The Joint Release Exercises

These exercises function as a kind of active bodyscan in which we progress from the hands down to the feet mindfully exploring movement of each part of the body.

Circling Qi Gong

This is a really good series of exercises to train the body to move as one unit from its centre, the abdominal dantian.

Tu La: Cleaning the Qi

With Tu La practice, you take in clean energy from the ground and let go of what you don't need back to the ground.

Wave Hands Like Clouds 1

In this video, we will learn one of the ultimate Tai Chi Qi Gong practices: Wave Hands Like Clouds.

Spontaneous Circling Qi Gong

Spontaneous Circling Qi Gong is inspired from the work of my Japanese teacher Akinobu Kishi. He called it Gyoki, Breathing by Hands.