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EasternPeace Tai Chi Zen

Small Circle Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Form

A 2 day relaxed Tai Chi workshop taught in a beautiful location in the Piemonte Hills, Italy

We will practise together for 12 hours over the weekend, with sessions well spaced out to allow for plenty of relaxation and free time to integrate the experiences.

Colla di Netro, Biella, Piemonte, Italy: August 31st - September 1st 2024

Anthony teaching Tai Chi in Manuela's workshop hall.

Small Circle Yang Style Tai Chi

What I teach is called Small Circle Yang Tai Chi.

This is the most subtle internal style of Tai Chi orginating from the time before Yang Chenfu altered the family styles and taught en masse.

I received 24 Form Yang Tai Chi and 85 Long Form in this style from my teacher Yang Dong Bao and will teach from the 24 Form with this group.

The retreat will be suitable for complete beginners as well as Tai Chi practitioners with several years of learning experience. Previous students with experience were very satisfied with the quality of movement we will explore together.

The focus in my teaching is on the internal connection with Qi, empty mind and good feeling. If you don't enjoy it, what's the point!

We will have multiple options on location to practice together, depending on the sun and our feeling:

House outdoor practice area
Garden outdoor practice area

Students will take away a comprehensive Tai Chi foundation, a short form I call Yang 6, and possibly the whole of the 24 form if they have prior experience of Tai Chi.

Either way you will gain a rich foundation for your Tai Chi practice to explore for the rest of your life...

About Anthony:

Anthony Fidler

I have passed through extreme physical and mental health issues through my life, yet somehow I have always managed to find amazing tools to heal myself.

I first experienced anxiety, panic attacks and mild depression while in my final year at Cambridge University in 1991.

This continued during my work as a financial auditor and software programmer, where I experienced chronic stress and then went into a meltdown of physical and mental fatigue. A serious breakdown / burnout. The breakdown eventually brought me into the psychiatric system for a while.

In response to these difficulties, from 1997, I chose to spend extensive periods of time in China learning Tai Chi and Qi Gong with my teachers there. The practices helped enormously and became a cornerstone of my life.

Anthony doing Yang 24 in Thailand

I studied modern style Beijing 24, 42 Form and Chen 74 with a teacher called Wang Zhi Ping in China between 1997 and 2006. I lived there for a year and a half at one stage.

Over a few visits to Chenjiagou, I became a student of Chen Zhao Sen and learn his Chen Forms, but eventually settled with Yang Dong Bao from 2010 eventually learning both his Yang & Chen Small Circle Tai Chi.

I continued spending six months a year with Yang Dong Bao, learning 1-1 with him daily until I slowly reduced the study time to one month a year by 2014. My last visit was in the Autumn of 2018.

I taught Modern Yang Style Tai Chi between 2005-2007 in the UK, and then started again sharing Small Circle Style from 2014.

Click here for more on Anthony's Tai Chi background and experience


The event is being hosted by Anthony Fidler with support from Manuela Perardi.

The course is open to anyone interested in learning Tai Chi with me, whether for health, stress relief, for enhanced Qi and body awareness or simply for the joy of it!

Workshop size: Maximum 12 people.


  • Course Fee: €140
  • Accommodation & Food: €60 / €75 (private room)

Registration Process:

Contact Manuela on +39 347 313 4466 to book.

Testimonials from previous Tai Chi training:

Anthony's teaching and experience come from years of personal practice and travel throughout Asia.

His way of teaching through the body comes primarily from Chinese Masters encompassing both Yang and Chen Tai Chi, giving him a deep understanding of the tradition and roots of Tai Chi.

Burmese Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhism and Zen are also influences in his way of Being.

My 10 day Tai Chi course with Anthony on the island of Koh Yao Noi in Thailand has given me a practice I can use daily to balance a hectic London life and working as a body psychotherapist.

Deirdre, London

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